RENTAL FEE                  

[Refer to the standard rental fee]

   The rental fee includes the price of the rental, insurance and value added tax (17%).     Utilizing the Internet will give our members a 10% discount.  



   If the vehicle is returned after the specified return date, the customer is responsible
    for the extra costs that incur.  For example, if the car was to be returned at 3:00 pm
    but was returned at 5:00 pm due to heavy traffic, the customer must pay an additional
    amount for the two extra hours. 


  ONE WAY RENTAL                 
 Refer to One Way rental fee
   If the vehicle is returned to a branch of M&P Rental other than the one from which
    they originally rented the vehicle, an additional One Way Rental Fee needs to be
    remitted by the customer.  This additional fee will be based on mileage, fuel and
    chauffer pay (if applicable) and will be decided by one of our representative¡¯s upon
    the vehicle¡¯s return.


   If the customer wishes to receive the rental car from another location an additional
    fee, based on distance, will be added.(long term Rental free)


  A 15% premium is given on standard rental rates during peak seasons
  Manual vehicle fees are the same as automatic cars of the same or lower class.




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